Economics of Mental Health

The Economics of Mental Health team is dedicated to the economic evaluation of mental health and psychosocial care. Research in this program includes the provision of advice to services and organisations either undertaking economic evaluations or interested in assessing the economic impacts of their mental health and psychosocial care services.

Stream Coordinator: Cathy Mihalopoulos

Current Major Projects

A randomised trial of a clinical prediction tool for targeting depression care (Target-D). J Gunn (University of Melbourne), C Mihalopoulos, K Hegarty, A Williams, L Sterling, P Chondros, S Davidson (NHMRC Project Grant 1059863).  

Reducing peer victimisation in Australian schools through targeted and universal approaches. R Rapee (Macquarie University), D Cross, C Hunt, K Bussey, J Hudson, C Mihalopoulos, C Roberts, N Tito (NHMRC Targeted Call for Research - Mental Health 1047185).

Centre for Research Excellence on Evidence-based Mental Health Service Planning: Translating Evidence into Policy. H Whiteford (University of Queensland), L Degenhardt, J Pirkis, C Mihalopoulos, K Eagar, G Andrews, B Head, J Gunn, W Hall, G Patton (NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence 1041131).

The HORYZONS project: Moderated Online Social Therapy for Maintenance of Treatment Effects from Specialised First Episode Psychosis Services. M Alvarez-Jimenez (Orygen Youth Health Research Centre). Research partners are Orygen Youth Health Research Centre, the Australian Catholic University, the University of Melbourne and Deakin University. (Mental Illness Research Fund 2318751).

Improving mental health for young people in out-of-home care: providing participatory evidence-based mental health care across services. H Herrman (University of Melbourne), C Humphrey, P McGorry, I Kaplan, P Mitchell, C Harvey, C Mihalopoulos, S Cotton, E Davis, A Vance (NHMRC Targeted Call for Research - Mental Health 1046692).

Cost effectiveness in Australian mental health services: Improving the evidence base and relevance to decision-makers. C Mihalopoulos (NHMRC Early Career Fellowship 1035887).

The Australian perinatal mental health reforms: using population data to evaluate their impact on service utilisation and related cost-effectiveness. MP Austin (University of New South Wales), E Sullivan, N Highet, V Morgan, C Mihalopoulos, M Croft, K Brameld (NHMRC Partnership Grant 1028554).

A stepped care approach for the management of childhood anxiety disorders: A randomised controlled trial. R Rapee (Macquarie University), J Hudson, H Lyneham, C Mihalopoulos, V Wuthrich, M Kangas (NHMRC Project Grant 1027556).

Preventing Child Internalising Problems: Follow up of a population-based randomised trial through middle childhood. J Bayer (La Trobe University), R Rapee, H Hiscock, O Ukoumunne, C Mihalopoulos, L Bretherton (NHMRC Project Grant 1079956).

M-Health: Efficacy and Cost-effectiveness of a smartphone App to reduce unmet needs and distress in people with cancer (ACE): a randomized controlled trial. P Livingston, D Ashley, S Chambers, V White, J Chirgwin, M Krishnasamy, C Mihalopoulos, R Reynolds, M Botti (NHMRC Partnership Grant 1094831).

Recent Publications

  • Mihalopoulos, C., Magnus, A., Lal, A. Dell, L., Forbes, D., Phelps, A. (2015). Is implementation of the 2013 Australian treatment guidelines for post traumatic stress disorder cost-effective compared to current practice? A cost-utility analysis using QALYs and DALYs. The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 49(4) 360-376.
  • Mihalopoulos, C. and Chatterton M-L. (2015). The Cost-effectiveness of Interventions Designed to Prevent Mental Disorders: A Literature Review. Early Intervention in Psychiatry, 9(2), 85-92.
  • Veerman, J.L., Shrestha, R.N., Mihalopoulos, C., Passey, M.E., Schofield, D.J., Kelly, S.J., Tanton, R., Callander, E.J. (2015). Depression prevention, labour force participation and income of older working aged Australians: a microsimulation economic analysis, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 49(5), 430-436.
  • Stockings, E., Degenhardt, L., Lee, Y.Y., Mihalopoulos, C., Liu A., Hobbs, M., Patton, G. (2015). Symptom screening scales for detecting major depressive disorder in children and adolescents: A systematic review and meta-analysis of reliability, validity and diagnostic utility, Journal of Affective Disorders, 174C, pp447-463.
  • Mihalopoulos, C., Vos, T., Rapee, R. M., Pirkis, J., Chatterton, M. L., Lee, Y. C., & Carter, R. (2015). The population cost-effectiveness of a parenting intervention designed to prevent anxiety disorders in children. J Child Psychol Psychiatry, 56(9), 1026-1033.
  • Davis, E., Gilson, K-M, Christian, R., Waters, E., MacKinnon, A., Herrman, H, Sims, M., Harrison, L., Cook, K., Miahlopoulos, C., Marshall, B., Flego, A., and Corr, L. (2015). Building the capacity of family day care educators to promote children's social and emotional wellbeing: results of an exploratory cluster randomised controlled trial. Australian Journal of Early Childhood, 40 (2).
  • Chambers, G. M., Randall, S., Hoang, V. P., Sullivan, E. A., Highet, N., Croft, M., Mihalopoulos, C., Morgan, V. A., Reilly, N., Austin, M. P.Austin, M. P. (2015). The National Perinatal Depression Initiative: An evaluation of access to general practitioners, psychologists and psychiatrists through the Medicare Benefits Schedule. Aust N Z J Psychiatry. pii: 0004867415580154.
  • Galvão, D. A., Newton, R. U., Gardiner, R. A., Girgis, A., Lepore, S. J., Stiller, A., Lepore,
    Mihalopolous, C. Chambers, S. K. (2015). Compliance to exercise-oncology guidelines in prostate cancer survivors and associations with psychological distress, unmet supportive care needs, and quality of life. Psycho-Oncology, n/a-n/a. doi: 10.1002/pon.3882.
  • Lambert, S. D., McElduff, P., Girgis, A., Levesque, J. V., Regan, T. W., Turner, J., Candler, H., Mihalopoulos, C., Shih, S. T., Kayser, K., Chong, P. (2015). A pilot, multisite, randomized controlled trial of a self-directed coping skills training intervention for couples facing prostate cancer: accrual, retention, and data collection issues. Support Care Cancer. doi: 10.1007/s00520-015-2833-3.
  • Skouteris, H., McPhie, S., Hill B., McCabe, M., Milgrom, J., Kent, B., Bruce, L., Herring, S., Gale, J., Mihalopoulos, C., Shih, S., and Teale, G. (2015). Evaluating the efficacy of a health coaching intervention to prevent excessive gestational weight gain: A randomised controlled trial, British Journal of Health psychology, Jul 31. doi: 10.1111/bjhp.12154.
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