Turning Behaviour Around

Who should participate?

The program is open to all teacher professionals (leading and mentor teachers, graduate teachers) and student-teachers, who wish to upgrade their professional knowledge and practice in behaviour and classroom management. This 2 day seminar workshop provides opportunities to:

  • gain knowledge, understanding and insights into student behaviour
  • work with a process that makes sense of behaviour management
  • acquire practical skills and strategies to more effectively manage students and behaviour in the classroom, school and yard
  • work with a process that makes sense of behaviour management
  • ocus on, discuss and work through behaviour issues and case studies
  • work alongside practising teachers and fellow students, sharing ideas, strategies etc., asking questions and reflecting on best practice

Day 1

Session 1
Planning for Management Working preventively
Session 2
Understanding Behaviour
Session 3
Developing a management process
Building on core values What motivates behaviour? Continuing the control strategy
Making rules work A teacher's changing role Practical skills to achieve cooperation and respect

On-going planning - introducing a process for effective management and a strategy for taking control

How effective is your response? Skills to empower teachers and build students' emotional & social competency

Moving from a position of strength

Day 2

Session 1
Continuing the management process
Session 2
Managing those more difficult behaviours
Session 3
Making it work in the classroom and school
Options for effective follow through Discipline, punishment, rewards - what works? Questions and answers - further practical suggestions & case studies
Skills to achieve responsibility and self-discipline What do I do when they challenge, refuse, deny etc? Developing colleague support - the task of Professional Learning Teams
Reframing mindsets - enhancing self worth Turning behaviour around A whole school approach
Working for and achieving positive outcomes Specific behaviour issues e.g. bullying, autistic, defiant behaviours etc.

Credit for Prior Learning

Deakin University students who are currently undertaking an undergraduate teaching program, at the end of the professional learning course, elect to do a formal assessment task to accrue one credit point towards a level 1 elective.

Presenter: Jenny Mackay is a classroom management and student interaction skills specialist with a very practical and non-didactic approach to skills training. Her focus is on the acquisition of useful everyday behaviour management skills and on creating collaborative student teacher relationships. Since 1995 Jenny has taught behaviour management skills at schools, conferences and seminars in the United Kingdom, the U.S.A., South Africa and since 2002 throughout Australia. Most recently her focus has been working with teachers at individual schools in Metropolitan Melbourne and widely in Country Victoria.

Jenny's book is also recommended reading for student teachers - 'Coat of Many Pockets: Managing classroom interactions'. For more information http://www.behaviour.com.au.

Course dates 2016

Course 1 - Burwood

Friday, 5th August  - 9:00am to 4:30pm

Friday, 2nd September - 9:00am to 4:30pm 

Course 2 - Burwood

Friday, 4th November - 9:00am to 4:30pm

Friday, 25th November - 9:00am to 4:30pm

Maps of Deakin campuses

Cost (GST free): Two days $365


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Please note that Turning Behaviour Around Assessment is an additional option payable after this course.

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