Pedagogy, cultures and professional engagement

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Professor Christine Halse

This research program focuses on the professional learning and practice of educators as it is mediated by their local, national and international contexts. Teachers' work can be located in multiple contexts, from the immediacy of the classroom, the institutional structures of schooling, mandated policy and curriculum, the needs of the community, as well as the languages and cultures students bring to school.

Researchers in this program seek to understand these multiple contexts in several ways. All are committed to working alongside teachers, and sustaining a rich intellectual and professional dialogue with them. All take a reflexive stance that acknowledges the way their own work is being transformed by the policy environment that is forming around us (often named by words like standards-based reform, neo-liberalism, globalisation). Some focus on issues of language, literacy and culture, raising questions about the capacity of teachers and schools to teach in a culturally responsive and ethical way. Others explore how digital cultures shape young people's experience of the world and their engagement in schooling.

A key focus of the work of other researchers in the program is on the culturally specific nature of schooling and education, most notably the differences between rural and urban environments. All members of the group are committed to exploring the ways in which teachers maintain a critically reflexive and ethical stance within an environment that is subjected increasingly to regulation and control. In addition, they are interested in exploring the potential of non-canonical forms of inquiry (narrative inquiry, memory work, visual literacy, critical ethnography) for the construction of knowledge, in addition to more traditional forms of inquiry.

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For further information regarding this program contact Professor Christine Halse (Program Convenor).

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Professional Learning Practice and Ethics (PLPE)

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