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Thu, 09 Jun 2011 15:38:00 +1000

Researchers at Deakin University led by Alex Kountouris have found that - contrary to previous research -  there was a similar distribution of quadratus lumborum (QL) asymmetry between the dominant and non-dominant side of fast bowlers.

The researchers performed an MRI on 28 junior fast bowlers, and found while 55% of participants did
have asymmetries greater than 10%, there was no significant difference in the number of
participants with dominant and non-dominant side asymmetry.

"Contrary to previous research, this study demonstrated that there was a similar
distribution of [quadratus lumborum] asymmetry between the dominant and non-dominant side," Alex Kountouris wrote in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

 "The presence of only dominant side asymmetry must therefore be questioned."

Back injuries are common among fast bowlers and one of the causes was thought to be asymmetry in the QL muscle, deep in the lowerback.

Alex Kountouris (left) with Brett Lee
Deakin University researcher Alex Kountouris (left) watches Australian fast bowler Brett Lee
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