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Seeking inclusion for all

Inaugural Chair of Disability and Inclusion calls for greater inclusion of people with disabilities.

Bruce Bonyhady talks NDIS

A snapshot of the National Disability Insurance Agency from the recent planning day.

TOBY Playpad engaged

More recognition for PRaDA's life-changing innovation.

Undergraduate studies in disability

Bachelor of Health Sciences - People, Society and Disability Major Pathway

Offered at: Melbourne Burwood Campus, Geelong Waterfront Campus (HDS101 only) and Cloud (online)
Duration: Three years full-time or part-time equivalent
Deakin Code: H300

The advent of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia makes the inclusion of people with disability in Australia a key priority for all profe sional areas. It has also led to an increased demand for staff with disability-related qualifications across the community and government sectors.

Completion of this major will give students an opportunity to expand their job opportunities by being better informed about positive options and techniques to assist and support the one in five members of the Australian population who has some form of disability.

HDS101 Communication and Diversity (B, S, X) This unit provides an understanding of the principles of effective communication and how these may be applied in relating to individuals who communicate in different and diverse ways, with a focus on people with a disability.
HDS106 Diversity, Disability and Social Exclusion (B, X) This unit examines different models used in defining disability, in particular the medical and social models of disability and the impact on societal and service experiences of people who have a disability.
HDS209 Diversity in Childhood and Adolescence (B, X) This unit examines the causes and impacts of different impairments and ways to work to mediate them.
HDS210 Diversity at Work (B, X) This unit aims to explore values and practices that promote diverse and inclusive workplaces, with a particular focus on older workers and people with disability.
HDS301 The Effective Practitioner (B, X) This unit aims to examines the dominant contemporary practice approaches in the field of social exclusion and disability, including community inclusion, person centred approaches, and individualised funding.
HDS310 Human Rights and Advocacy (B, X) This unit aims to develop a human rights perspective and appreciate the role of advocacy for people with a disability in upholding their rights and achieving inclusion.

B = Melbourne Burwood Campus
S = Geelong Waterfront Campus
X = Cloud (online), formerly known as off campus

"This unit definitely opened my eyes to the experiences of individuals with a disability. It also has made me more aware of the difficulties and barriers that individuals, families and service providers face in advocating and standing for the basic human rights of individuals with a disability."
- 3rd year student evaluation of HDS301 - The Effective Practitioner

For more information about the People, Society and Disability major pathway contact:

Associate Professor Erin Wilson

Health - Student and Academic Services
03 9251 7777

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27th February 2015