Deakin's peak high performance computing resources

Through membership with National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), Deakin has access to their peak facility for computational needs. We have an application process to access this resource, more information follows.

Deakin University NCI Resource Allocation Committee (DUNRAC) Deadlines

The Deakin University NCI Resource Allocation Committee meets quarterly to review NCI applications, generally on the second (2nd) Friday in March, June and September and the first Friday in December.

2014 DUNRAC Deadlines:

Meeting Applications Submission Deadline Meeting Date Utilisation Quarter
1-3/14 Friday 8th August Wednesday 3rd September (subject to change) Sep–Dec 2014 (Q4/2014)
4/14 Friday 7th November Wednesday 17th December (subject to change) Jan–Mar 2015 (Q1/2015)

Please note, as a first case allocation at Deakin, the first actual meeting in 2014 will be dealing with the time in arrears available and the last quarter time available.