Cameca LEAP 4000 HR Atom Probe

State-of-the-art atomic-scale analysis capabilities for Deakin.

Our Instruments

The suite of instruments is ARC (LIEF) and partner funded and includes two transmission electron microscopes, three scanning electron microscopes, and one atom probe. Instrument descriptions and capabilities can be viewed below.

  1. FEI Quanta 3D FEG FIB-SEM
  2. Zeiss Supra 55VP FEG SEM
  3. Leo 1530 FEG SEM
  4. JEOL JEM 2100 LaB₆ TEM
  6. Cameca LEAP 4000 HR Atom Probe

Each instrument can be booked online. In order to use the equipment for this first time you will need to undergo a number of training workshops. It is recommended that you read the instruction booklet PDF-325kb) before booking for the first time, which includes a registration form you will need to complete.

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23rd January 2014