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Cameca LEAP 4000 HR Atom Probe

State-of-the-art atomic-scale analysis capabilities for Deakin.

Zeiss Supra 55VP FEG SEM

Zeiss Supra 55VP FEG SEM

The Supra 55VP is a high resolution scanning electron microscope (SEM) that uses a Schottky-type field-emission electron source. A beam booster is used to optimise electron optical performance at all accelerating voltages. In addition, the optical column has no crossovers and utilises a magnetic/electrostatic objective lens to minimise beam imperfections at low voltage by reducing chromatic aberration. This instrument can also be operated in Variable Pressure Mode, up to a pressure of 133Pa, thus providing charge compensation for materials with little or no conductivity.

Current Project Examples

Functionalisation of fabrics with rare earth element-doped inorganic nanomaterials
Improving the efficiency of dye sensitized solar cells using plasma technology
Electrospun inter-boned carbon nanofibres for supercapacitor application
Metal nitride formation by Solid-State Reactions
Microstructure of cocoon components of silk varieties


Angular Selective Backscattered (Mott type) - high crystal orientation sensitivity with sub-micron spatial resolution
Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) - Oxford (HKL) Nordlys F with low resolution 'fast' CCD for fast texture mapping
Oxford X-Max 20 EDX integrated with EBSD system for Phase ID via NIST material database


0.8 nm @ 15 kVV
1.6nm @ 1kV
2.0 nm @ 0.1 k
VP Vacuum
2 - 133 Pa, adjustable in steps of 1 Pa
12 - 1,000,000 x
Thermal field emission type
Acceleration Voltage
0.02 - 30 kV
Probe Current
4 pA - 20 nA
High efficiency In-lens secondary electron detector
Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) detector - Oxford (HKL) Nordlys S
Variable pressure secondary electron (VPSE) detector
Lens-mounted angular selective backscatter (AsB) detector
Oxford X-Max 20 SDD Energy Dispersive X-ray (EDX) detector
330 mm (Ø) x 270 mm (h)
CCD-camera with IR illumination
Specimen Stage
5-Axes Motorised Eucentric Specimen Stage
X = 130 mm, Y = 130 mm, Z = 50 mm
T = -3 - +70°
R = 360° (continuous)
6-Axes Eucentric Stage
X = 100 mm, Y = 100 mm, Z = 42 mm, Z= 13 mm
T = -4 to 70°, R = 360° (continuous)
Image Processing
Resolution: Up to 3072 x 2304 pixel, Noise reduction: Seven integration and averaging modes

Instrument Output Examples

Ceramic-Metal interface (with charging artifacts) Ceramic-Metal interface (Pressure corrected) Low Angle BSE Image of magnesium twins

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25th March 2015