The JEOL JEM-2100F is a high-performance Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) with a field emission electron source for analyses at the atomic/molecule level in materials science, nanotechnology and life science.


  • High resolution imaging with specialist characterization capabilities of EDS, EFTEM and EELS, and ACOM.


  • 200kV TEM HR version with ZrO/W (100) field emission source

Magnification Range

  • LOW MAG mode: 50x to 6,000x
  • MAG mode: 2000x to 1,500,000x

Spot Diameter

  • TEM mode: 2-5nm
  • EDS, NBD & CBD mode: 0.5 to 2.4nm


  • Point: 0.23nm
  • Lattice 0.1nm

Image capture

  • GATAN Orius SC1000 camera: Progressive interline device, Sensor area 36x24mm, 4008x2672 pixels (9μm ea)
  • BF and HAADF STEM detectors

Additional Characterization Capabilities

  • JEOL JED-2300T Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analyser, Dry SD30GV Detector: 133eV, 30mm2 0.26 sr, B-U
  • GATAN GIF Quantum 965 Post column energy filter and EELS spectrometer. Energy resolution 0.10 eV FWHM
  • NanoMEGAS ASTAR Automated Crystal Orientation and phase mapping package for TEM
  • GATAN 648 Vacuum Transfer Holder
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