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Deakin Research


Establish and negotiate the research contract or agreement

Read and check the funding body's research contract or agreement

  • Does the contract or agreement
  • have all parties and obligations correctly listed?
  • outline the project accurately?
  • accurately reflect the agreed milestones and deliverables?
  • meet your expectations in regards to ownership of IP and publication?

Complete a Request for Legal Advice Form

  • The instructions are important - they provide your perspective on the intent of any discussions or verbal agreements made with the funding body

Send your Request for Legal Advice Form to .

Deakin Research - Grants will:

  • review the contract against your instructions
  • the aim is to protect your rights and those of the University
  • refer the contract and your instructions to the University Solicitor for advice
  • initiate the correct university process if the award is $400K+
  • provide feedback on the contract and highlight possible issues or contentious clauses for your consideration and comment
  • seek further advice on accepting contracts deemed "contentious"
Check the progress of Contract Negotiations

It takes time to properly check and vet contracts and associated instructions.  Contracts requiring multi-party agreement regularly experience significant delay due to the number of parties and the need to seek legal advice. The speed with which a contract can be executed is dependent on a number of factors including the responsiveness of the parties involved.

Deakin Research - Grants will endeavour to inform the lead investigator about the progress of any contract negotiations.  If you wish to check on the progress of negotiations, contact the Senior Grants Officer but please be realistic in your expectations of progress.

Establish an account code

Deakin Research - Grants will request an account code from Finance & Business Services once the contract has been executed. The lead investigator will be informed by email of the account code.

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14th June 2012