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Australia India Strategic and Research Fund (AISRF) Round 8

Funding Body

Department of Industry (DoI)

The Department of Industry AISRF (AUSTRALIA-INDIA STRATEGIC RESEARCH FUND) scheme is a bilateral collaboration in science, jointly managed and funded by the governments of Australia and India. The Australian applicant (ie Deakin) applies to the DoI Indo-Australian Science & Technology (S&T) fund. The Indian applicant applies to the Indian Government. Support is provided for collaborative research projects.

Grant rounds are held annually

Scheme/ Round

The Indo-Australian Fund for Scientific and Technological Cooperation (Indo-Australian S&T Fund)
Maximum of $200,000 over the life of the project (up to 2 years).


The aim of this scheme are:

1. Increase the uptake of leading-edge science and technology (S&T) by supporting collaboration between Australian and Indian researchers in strategically focused, leading-edge scientific research and technology projects, and strengthening strategic alliances between Australian and Indian researchers;
2. Facilitate Australia's and India's access to the global S&T system.

For further information visit the AISRF home page

Priority Areas Water Management and Agricultural Research. Applications not related to either of these areas will not be considered.
Important Notes
  1. AISRF applications require a lot of work and significant coordination and collaboration between the Australian and Indian organisations. For example, certain aspects of the Australian and Indian applications must be the same and milestones must be identified in the application. Listed milestones form part of any agreement if the application is successful so these must be negotiated and accepted prior to submission. Communication and coordination between the parties is critical.
  2. If successful, Deakin must enter into a Head Agreement with DoI and must enter into a separate collaborative agreement with each Indian Partner Organisation. Indian Partner Organisations must meet all Indian Government requirements regarding insurance or indemnity cover appropriate to their role in the conduct of the project. Deakin University requires each Indian Partner Organisation to provide a signed certification form prior to the submission of your application.
  3. If successful, the Indian Partner Organisation must also enter into a Head Agreement with the Indian Government. In the past, the Intellectual Property provisions of these Head Agreements has been restrictive.You need to be aware of this as it can limit Deakin's ability to negotiate licences or access IP.
  4. Project management requires regular reports and proven expenditure from Deakin to DoI which must be submitted on time.
Internal Deadlines 19 March 2014 Notice of Intention to Submit Closed via
  9am 07 April 2014 Completed draft applications required for compliance checking Mandatory via
  9am 14 April 2014 Letters of support from Indian CI's and Partner Organisations plus Certification Forms Mandatory via

External Deadline (no extensions possible)

5pm 22 April 2014

Applications close


Applicants must submit their fully complete application online



How to Apply

1. Check if you are eligible refer to AISRF Eligibility Checklist

2. Liaise with your Faculty/ SRC

3. Submit a Notice of Intention to Submit

4. Read guidelines and application instructions

5. Prepare the application

6. Submit your application to Deakin Research for compliance check by internal deadline

7. Submit letters of support from Indian CI's and Partner Organisations plus Certification Forms (to be provided)

8. Submit your application online by external deadline


Relevant documentation and information on how to apply is available AISRF home page

Other Important Information

Further Information:

Please e-mail if you require any further information.

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4th April 2014