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The Australian Synchrotron Fellows Program 2013

Funding Body

The Australian Synchrotron

Scheme/ Round

The Australian Synchrotron Fellows Program 2013


The Australian Synchrotron Fellows Program invites applications from outstanding individuals, from both academic and industrial sectors, who wish to work alongside expert staff and users at the Australian Synchrotron and establish collaborations to complement the institutional expertise of the Australian Synchrotron.

Important Notes

These fellowship are unusual and thus require careful consideration by Faculties/Institutes before applications are submitted.

  1. They require 50% of the funding to come from external sources (e.g. Deakin University or an industry partner). Please note that Deakin Research will not provide central funding so the Faculty/Institute will have to vet and check that they can meet the requirements of the scheme.
  2. They are not aimed at current, continuing Deakin University employees.
  3. There will be 10 positions available - more may be possible depending on external funding; there is no final deadline for submission, however these opportunities will fill quickly and each application is assessed on a case by case basis.
Internal Deadlines  

Notice of Intention to Submit

Mandatory via Via ADR/SRC/Institute Director
    ADR/SRC/Institute Director determine who will be supported and advise Grants Office, forwarding the NOIS   via
    Grants Office notify applicants of outcome. Successful applicants invited to apply    
    Invited applicants draft proposals    



Fully complete applications to be submitted





How to Apply

1.Check if you are competitive

2.Discuss your proposal directly with relevant staff at the Australian Synchrotron

3. Liaise with your ADR/SRC/Institute Director

4. Submit a Notice of Intention to Submit to your ADR/SRC/Institute Director

5. Prepare the application if invited

6. Submit your application to Deakin Research for compliance check

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Other Important Information

Further Information:

Please e-mail if you require any further information.

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14th May 2013