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Institute for Frontier Materials


Stem cell growth - in the bag

An innovative 'closed system' for growing stem cells offers new hope for leukaemia patients.

High tech nanofibre deal for Deakin

A joint venture will provide a world-first short nanofibre manufacturing capability in Geelong.

Short nanofibre gets a gong

A world first technology platform has received a Victorian Engineering Excellence Award.

Novel approach to cancer treatment looks promising

Chemists develop a new range of cancer therapeutics.

Softening the impact

Cracking the cartilage riddle, Deakin scientists synthetically mimic the body's most complex lubrication system.

Our People

Lead Investigator

An image of Professor Peter Hodgson Professor Peter Hodgson

Senior Research Fellows

An image of Dr Cynthia Wong Dr Cynthia Wong
Senior Research Fellow


Name Research Topic Contact
Keivan Alhoeinazari Fabrication of new β Ti alloy for biomedical application
Yunfei Ding Novel Mg-Zr-Sr alloys as biodegradable materials for hard tissue engineering
Dolly Mushahary Collagen type-1 enhances mineralisation and osseo-integration of Mg-Zr-Sr alloys
Alireza Vahidgolpayegani New magnesium composite foam for automotive and biomedical applications
Yu Wang Surface modification of Ti alloys for biomedical applications
Dongmei Zhang Interactions of titanium alloy elements with biological cells

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27th February 2015