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Institute for Frontier Materials


Modelling gives insights for better molecule design

Researchers are using a combination of molecular simulation and experimental techniques as a way towards rational design of metallic nanoparticles.

Computer modelling to help households save energy

National Computational Infrastructure features the work of Professor Tiffany Walsh and her team.

Bio-nano research proves a winner

Two researchers in IFM's Bio/Nanomaterials group have been recognised by their peers for their research and communication skills.

Deakin showcases 3D sheet metal forming at Numisheet 2014

Deakin's Professor Jeong Whan Yoon chaired the organising committee for Numisheet 2014.

Our People

Lead Investigators

Professor Jeong Yoon Professor Jeong Yoon
Chair in Applied Mechanics
Associate Professor Bernard Rolfe Associate Professor Bernard Rolfe

Research Fellows

Name Research Topic Contact
Dr Tim de Souza
Research Fellow
Design of lightweight structures.
Dr Yanshan Lou
Associate Research Fellow
Fracture and constitutive modelling for lightweight materials.
Dr Shunying Zhang


Name Research Topic Contact
Ahmad Moghadam Modelling wrinkling instabilities for flexible roll forming.
Akbar Abvabi Effect of residual stresses on bending and roll forming.
Amir Abdollahpoor Crashworthiness of tailored hot stamped components.
Idalina Alcantara Pinto Martins Development of meshless methods for high speed drilling and machining processes of composite materials.
Jingsi Jiao Understanding web-warping in flexible roll forming.
Klaus Fiedler Development of an integrated shape topology optimisation approach for structural design.
Mariana Paulino Santos Influence of environmental spectrum on fatigue crack growth.
Ossama Badr Understanding the effects of cold roll forming titanium sheet.
Paul Souza Studying the dynamic recrystallization of Ti-6Al-4V.
Pushpakumar Sugirtharaj Systems approach to energy absorption in crashworthiness.
James Raggatt

Deakin University acknowledges the traditional land owners of present campus sites.

27th February 2015