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Institute for Frontier Materials


Graphene coatings make steel corrosion-resistant

IFM researchers have grown graphene flakes directly onto stainless steel, improving the metal's resistance to corrosion.

New research to realise the sensor 'pipe dream'

A novel sensor is set to help extend the operational life of energy pipelines by decades.

Ion man receives Alfred Deakin Medal

Materials engineering researcher Anthony Somers has been awarded an Alfred Deakin Medal.

Arresting the corrosion factor

Deakin's new Corrosion Research Centre offers unique research access to Australia's critical infrastructure sectors.

Seeing a future in the pipeline

New National Facility for Pipelines Coating Assessment launched at Waurn Ponds.

Contact us

Dr Timothy Khoo

Strategy and Industry Engagement


+61 (3) 924 46795


Ivi Cicak

Research Engineer
Energy Pipeline CRC Coatings


Our Equipment

We have a range of cutting-edge equipment and facilities for corrosion and materials research, hosted at both the Burwood and Waurn Ponds campuses. These facilities are used to support our research programs and to provide services to government and industry. 

To apply to use our facilities for your own research and testing, contact Dr Timothy Khoo.

  • State of the art Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility for micro surface imaging and solution testing:
    • Bruker AVANCE III 500 MHz wide bore.
    • Bruker AVANCE III 500 MHz standard bore.
    • Bruker AVANCE III 300 MHz wide bore.
    • JEOL Eclipse+ 400MHz.
    • JEOL EX 270 MHz.
  • Large suite of advanced electrochemical facilities for general and localised corrosion testing and research studies:
    • Potentiostats and impedance analysers.
    • Scanning probes.
    • Array electrode systems.
    • Custom designed electrochemical and flow cells.

  • Variety of surface characterisation equipment for materials imaging and analysis:
  • Wear and tribology testing:
    • Variable temperature Pin on Disk Tribometer.

  • Reactors and autoclaves for corrosion testing in h igh temperature, high-pressure and simulated corrosive environments

  • Heat treatment and surface engineering facilities for metals and alloys surface modification:
    • Oil and salt high-temperature baths.
    • Fluid bed furnace.
  • Analytical Instruments for chemical, physical and mechanical characterisation:
    • Viscometer.
    • Conductivity measurements.
    • Karl Fisher titrator.
    • Dynamic Mechanical Analyser.
    • Differential Scanning Calorimeter.

  • Synthetic laboratory for preparation and synthesis of novel chemical compounds and molecules.

  • Access to world-class synchrotron and neutron facilities at the Australian Synchrotron and the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.
Ball Mill - Restech PM 100 Planetary Mill 1Ball Mill - Restech PM 100 Planetary Mill
Chemical Synthesis LaboratoryChemical Synthesis Laboratory
ChemInstruments EZ Coater EC-1000 Coater 2ChemInstruments EZ Coater EC-1000 Coater
Electrochemical Suite - Biologic VMP3Electrochemical Suite - Biologic VMP3
FTIR - Varian 3100 FT-IR 1FTIR - Varian 3100 FT-IR 1
Labtech Thermoline Scientific Muffle Furnace 1Labtech Thermoline Scientific Muffle Furnace 1
Labtech Thermoline Scientific Muffle Furnace 2Labtech Thermoline Scientific Muffle Furnace 2
ThermoScientific OvenThermoScientific Oven
Buehler Metaserv PolisherBuehler Metaserv Polisher
Struers TegraPol-11 Multi-head PolisherStruers TegraPol-11 Multi-head Polisher
BioLogic SP-200 PotentiostatBioLogic SP-200 Potentiostat
Solartron Analytical PotentiostatSolartron Analytical Potentiostat
Veeco ProfilometerVeeco Profilometer
SECM - Princeston Applied Research Scanning Electron MicroscopeSECM - Princeston Applied Research Scanning Electron Microscope
SEM - NeoScope JCM-5000 Benchtop Scanning Electron MicroscopeSEM - NeoScope JCM-5000 Benchtop Scanning Electron Microscope

Deakin University acknowledges the traditional land owners of present campus sites.

27th February 2015