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Graphene coatings make steel corrosion-resistant

IFM researchers have grown graphene flakes directly onto stainless steel, improving the metal's resistance to corrosion.

New research to realise the sensor 'pipe dream'

A novel sensor is set to help extend the operational life of energy pipelines by decades.

Ion man receives Alfred Deakin Medal

Materials engineering researcher Anthony Somers has been awarded an Alfred Deakin Medal.

Arresting the corrosion factor

Deakin's new Corrosion Research Centre offers unique research access to Australia's critical infrastructure sectors.

Seeing a future in the pipeline

New National Facility for Pipelines Coating Assessment launched at Waurn Ponds.

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Dr Timothy Khoo

Strategy and Industry Engagement


+61 (3) 924 46795


Ivi Cicak

Research Engineer
Energy Pipeline CRC Coatings


Pipelines, Sensors and Monitoring

Corrosion is one of the leading causes of failures in onshore transmission pipelines. It is a threat to gas distribution mains and services, as well as oil and gas gathering systems.

As a major partner in the Energy Pipeline CRC, our research focuses on determining the mechanisms of failure and methods of prevention. Our efforts centre on four areas of pipeline corrosion research:

  • Prevention.
  • Monitoring and detection.
  • Assessment.
  • Mitigation.

Projects involve developing sensors and detection methods for corrosion in locations that are difficult to access - such as enclosed areas, and under coatings and insulation. Better detection methods will help assessment engineers to determine the extent and causes of corrosion. A major part of this work involves collecting the monitored data and using it for laboratory simulations and modelling to assist in lifetime prediction of the pipelines.

Other projects investigate the effect of telluric and traction (railway) currents on cathodic protection methods. These currents have a detrimental effect on our protection systems, and by quantifying their influence, we are able to develop improved cathodic protection regimes to better mitigate pipeline corrosion.

Together these projects aim to improve energy pipeline industry inspection, repair and maintenance practices and to inform the relevant Australian standards.

Rajeev Gupta

Dr Rajeev Gupta is an EPCRC funded Research Fellow working on both projects.

Facundo Varela

Facundo (Bob) Varela is working on the sensing of corrosion under disbanded coatings.

Ying Huo

Ying Huo is working on an EPCRC funded PhD project to quantify the effects of CP excursions.

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27th February 2015