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Institute for Frontier Materials


Science Academy honour for Maria Forsyth

Australian Laureate Fellow Prof Maria Forsyth has been elected to the Australian Academy of Science.

MRI provides key to unlock plastic crystal potential

Researchers at IFM have uncovered the reasons behind the variable conductivity of organic ionic plastic crystals.

Ion man receives Alfred Deakin Medal

Materials engineering researcher Anthony Somers has been awarded an Alfred Deakin Medal.

Electrolyte scientists dare to dream

The world's leading electrolyte scientists have converged in Geelong for ISPE-14.

Softening the impact

Cracking the cartilage riddle, Deakin scientists synthetically mimic the body's most complex lubrication system.

Our Facilities

As part of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science at Deakin University's Burwood campus we have a range of research and testing facilities available. Contact Timothy Khoo for information or take a virtual tour of our facility.

Large suite of advanced electrochemical facilities for battery and cell testing and research studies:

  • Potentiostats and impedance analysers.
  • Scanning electrochemical probes.
  • Potentiostatic battery test banks.
  • Array electrode systems.
  • Rotating ring disk electrodes.
  • Custom designed electrochemical and flow cells.

Variety of surface characterisation equipment for materials imaging and analysis:

Battery and coin cell fabrication equipment to manufacture and assemble electrodes and coin cells for testing, including an argon glovebox laboratory.

Synthetic laboratory for preparation and synthesis of novel chemical compounds and electrolytes.

Analytical Instruments for chemical, physical and mechanical characterisation:

State of the art Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility for micro surface imaging and solution testing:

  • Bruker AVANCE III 500 MHz wide bore.
  • Bruker AVANCE III 500 MHz standard bore.
  • Bruker AVANCE III 300 MHz wide bore.
  • JEOL Eclipse+ 400MHz.
  • JEOL EX 270 MHz.

Access to world-class synchrotron and neutron facilities at the Australian Synchrotron and the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.

An image of Argon GloveboxesArgon Gloveboxes
An image of a EG&G BES PotentiostatEG&G BES Potentiostat
An image of MicroscopesMicroscopes
An image of a Bio-Logic VMP3 Multichannel PotentiostatBio-Logic VMP3 Multichannel Potentiostat
An image of a Bio-Logic VMP3 Multichannel Potentiostat with Faraday CagesBio-Logic VMP3 Multichannel Potentiostat with Faraday Cages
An image of Uniscan PG580R PotentiostatUniscan PG580R Potentiostat
An image of a ALS Rotating Ring Disk ElectrodeALS Rotating Ring Disk Electrode
An image of the Princeston Applied Research Scanning Electrochemical WorkstationPrinceston Applied Research Scanning Electrochemical Workstation
An image of a Solartron SI 1280 B PotentiostatSolartron SI 1280 B Potentiostat
An image of a Bio-Logic SP200 PotentiostatBio-Logic SP200 Potentiostat

Deakin University acknowledges the traditional land owners of present campus sites.

27th February 2015