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Institute for Frontier Materials


Science Academy honour for Maria Forsyth

Australian Laureate Fellow Prof Maria Forsyth has been elected to the Australian Academy of Science.

MRI provides key to unlock plastic crystal potential

Researchers at IFM have uncovered the reasons behind the variable conductivity of organic ionic plastic crystals.

Ion man receives Alfred Deakin Medal

Materials engineering researcher Anthony Somers has been awarded an Alfred Deakin Medal.

Electrolyte scientists dare to dream

The world's leading electrolyte scientists have converged in Geelong for ISPE-14.

Softening the impact

Cracking the cartilage riddle, Deakin scientists synthetically mimic the body's most complex lubrication system.

Our People

Lead Investigators

An image of Professor Maria Forsyth Professor Maria Forsyth
Chair in Electromaterials and Corrosion Sciences
Australian Laureate Fellow
An image of Professor Tony Hollenkamp Professor Tony Hollenkamp
Adjunct Professor
An image of dr luke o'dell Dr Luke O'Dell
Senior Lecturer of NMR Spectroscopy
An image of Dr Patrick Howlett Associate Professor Patrick Howlett
Senior Research Fellow
An image of Dr Jenny Pringle Dr Jenny Pringle
Senior Research Fellow

Research Team

Name Research Topic Contact
Dr Fangfang Chen
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Developing new materials for a sustainable energy future
Dr Matthias Hilder
Research Fellow
Phosphonium ionic liquids for lithium batteries
Dr Cristina Pozo-Gonzalo
Research Fellow
Metal-air battery cathode catalysis and ionic liquid electrolytes
Dr Martin Yoon
Research Fellow
New materials for sodium-ion batteries and portable power storage for defence applications
Dr Daniel Gunzelmann
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Solid-state NMR applications for frontier materials
Dr Haijin Zhu
Research Fellow
Solid-state NMR studies of electromaterials and polymers
Dr Konstantin Romanenko
Associate Research Fellow
Micro-imaging methods and applications, xenon NMR
Dr Anthony Somers
Research Associate
Ionic liquids - applications with steel
Dr Xiaoen Wang
Research Associate
Novel organic ionic plastic crystal (OIPC)/electrospun fibre composites for batteries
Dr Timothy Khoo
Industry engagement


Name Research Topic Contact
Shannon Biddulph Novel architecture and catalyst design for a metal-air battery system
Cameron Pope Characterisation of novel electrolyte materials for sodium ion batteries
Asing (Xingyu) Chen
Yogita Vijaykumar Oza Studying structure and ion transport in lithium conducting polymer electrolytes
Danah Tawfiq Hasan Al-Masri Design and use of redox active ionic electrolytes for thermal energy harvesting
Gaetan Girard Phosphonium-based ionic liquids for lithium-ion battery electrolytes
Nahid Iranipour Novel organic ionic plastic crystal electrospun nanofibre composites: transport behavior, battery application
Lane MacDonald Novel plastic crystal membranes for gas separation
Faezah Makhlooghiazad
Rossie Rao Proton conducting membranes for flow battery
Yajing Yan Ionic liquid electrolytes in Mg-Air batteries
Douglas Feast
Srdan Begic Theoretical and experimental chemical physics of the electrode-electrolyte interface in ionic liquids
Yundong Zhou Development of plastic crystal-polymer nanofibre composites as solid state electrolytes


Deakin University acknowledges the traditional land owners of present campus sites.

2nd March 2015