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Bruker AVANCE III 500WB NMR spectrometer

Equipment type

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometer


Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy can be applied to a wide range of investigation from simple structure elucidation and 'fingerprinting,' to the study of dynamic and conformational processes. Measurements of a range of properties of materials are also possible using solid-state techniques, and diffusion NMR. Micro-imaging brings the capability of NMR spectroscopy together with spatial resolution.


  • 500MHz field strength, wide bore instrument with variable temperature capability
  • Diffusion NMR including 1H, 19F, 27Al, 23Na, 13C and extended variable temperature 1H observation
  • Gradients - max strength ~ 2500G/cm
  • Magic Angle Spinning Solid-state 1.3mm, 2.5mm, 4mm probes, maximum spinning speeds of 60kHz, 35kHz and 15kHz respectively
  • Microimaging capability, Micro2.5 probe with separate gradient coils maximum gradient strength ~ 150G/cm, 25mm 1H birdcage coil and an extended variable temperature 10mm 1H coil; Micro5 probe with maximum gradient strength ~ 300G/cm, 4mm 1H solenoid coil, 4mm 7Li solenoid coil, and 5mm X coils as listed above

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3rd July 2012