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Differential Scanning Calorimeter - Netzsch

Differential Scanning Calorimeter

The IFM research group has two types of Differential Scanning Calorimeters, heat flux (Netzsch) and power compensating (Perkin Elmer). These units are essential for the study of decomposition, phase change and melting points or metals and polymers.


Netzsch 407 PC Luxx


  • Temperature range: -120C ... 1650C
  • Heating and cooling rates: 0.01 K/min ... 50 K/min (dependent on furnace)
  • Weighing range: 18000 mg
  • TG resolution: 2 µg
  • DSC resolution: < 1 µW (dependent on sensor)
  • Atmospheres: inert, oxidizing, reducing, static, dynamic
  • Vacuum: -tight assembly up to 10-2 mbar
  • Supervising Technician: Robert Pow
  • Induction: One theory and two practical sessions

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27th February 2015