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High strain-rate compression test machine

The High Strain-rate Compression Machine manufactured by Servotest (and also known as a "Thermo-mechanical Treatment Simulator") is used to simulate and analyse the high strain rate compression conditions found in metal working operations.

It consists of the following sections/abilities:

  • Induction furnace. Fully programmable, eg. ramp up/hold/ramp down.
  • Compression frame/servo-hydraulic actuator/loadcell. Fully programmable, eg. true stress & strain.
  • Fast Thermal Transfer Unit. Fully programmable rates for air/water/mist cooling or quench.
  • Robotic Transfer Device. For transfer between above sections.
  • High speed data acquisition and analysis package.


Servotest (U.K.)


  • Max. force 500kN (compression only)
  • Max. Velocities 3.0m/s@ 0kN; 1.6m/s@400kN
  • Max Temperature 1200Deg C
  • Min. Delay Time (between deformation and quench) 1.0 s
  • Plane Strain Specimen Typical Dimensions length 70mm x width 30-50mm x thickness 10mm
  • Uniaxial Specimen Typical Dimensions length 15-24mm x diameter 10-16mm

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27th February 2015