300 Ton Horizontal Extrusion Press

Our 300 TON HORIZONTAL EXTRUSION PRESS is Australia's only large scale research-dedicated extrusion facility. We can develop new light metal alloys, metal-matrix composites, micro-truss structures and powder-base metals for structural and biomedical applications. This facility is a result of successful Australian Research Council LEIF grant.


  • Max ram speed of 27.5mm/s
  • Container can heat up to 400°C, to maintain die temperature
  • Programmable like commercial extruder
  • Quench unit has powerful misting unit, which can control water and air mix
  • Three IR pyrometers, to measure billet, exit and post-quench temperatures
  • Two meter long ageing oven

Temperature monitoring system

Max ram speed of 27.5 mm/s

Quench unit has powerful mist

Ageing furnace (2m long)

Dies and profiles

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