Thermo-electric property measurement

The ULVAC-RIKO-ZEM3 is used for thermoelectric characteristics evaluation of a wide range of materials, such as semiconductors, ceramics, and metals. This equipment is used by the group, mainly to measure Seebeck coefficient and electrical conductivity at elevated temperatures (up to 450°C) and also to evaluate the effect of aging on thermoelectric properties of Mg alloys.


  • Temperature range: 30 - 800°C
  • System control software
  • Measurement temperature steps: 125 max
  • Sample Size: 2 to 4 mm (square or diameter) x 5 to 22 mm (length)
  • Atmosphere: low pressure helium gas (air) and vacuum (-0.09 Mpa)

System control software

Temperature steps

Various sample sizes

Low pressure atmosphere

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