The CSIRO - Ultra Micro Indentation System (informally a Nano Hardness Tester) has been used at Deakin to determine super elasticity, pile up effect and grid pattern strain analyses in mostly metallics. We often use the Nano Hardness in conjunction with the attached Atomic Force Microscope to examine indents for changes in profile, hardness or phase.




  • Depth Range: 2 to 20 micron, range A & B.
  • Depth Resolution: 0.003nm.
  • Load Range: 50mN & 500mN, range A & B.
  • Minimum Load: 2mN.
  • Load Resolution: 0.002mN.
  • Positioning Stages: 0.1mm step size.
  • Location: SB503, SEM lab.
  • Supervising Technician: Robert Pow.
  • Induction: One theory and two practical sessions.
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