National Facility for Pipeline Coating Assessment

We are an independent laboratory set up by the Energy Pipeline Cooperative Research Centre to perform oil and gas pipeline coating testing.

Our mission is to provide the Australian energy pipeline industry with an independent pipeline coating testing facility that has the capability and capacity required to fulfil the local needs.

Our services

  • We can conduct testing to support pipeline coating selection and development.
  • We are a commercial, independent coating test facility available for coating manufacturers, suppliers, applicators and end users of the pipeline industry in Australia.
  • We support research into pipeline coatings and corrosion inhibitors.
  • We can carry out standard tests such as ASTM, NACE, ISO, AS/NZS and other specific tests.


If you are interested in using our testing facility or collaborating with us please contact: 

Ivi Cicak
Research Engineer 
+61 3 5227 1426 

Testing capability

We can provide a large range of external pipeline coating tests and other customised tests as needed. If the test you need is not listed below, please contact us.

NATA accredited tests

  • Cathodic Disbondment Resistance (CDR) AS4352
  • Flexibility for hydrostatic testing and field bending AS 3862
  • Indentation resistance AS 4822
  • Impact resistance AS 4822
  • Hot water soak adhesion AS 4822, AS 3894.9
  • Peel strength adhesion AS 4822
  • Hardness (Shore D) AS 4822

Other tests

  • A large range of standard tests according to ASTM, NACE, ISO, AS/NZS, NORSOK and other customised tests
  • UV light and weathering resistance
  • Water resistance/permeation
  • Thermal ageing resistance
  • Salt spray

Our Equipment

Cyclic Corrosion Test (CCT) chamber - salt spray chamber

UV light chamber

Impact testers

Controllable extrusion rig

Pull-off tester

Indentation testers

Buchholz hardness tester

Abrasion tester

Thickness gauge

Holiday detector

Soil resistivity meter

CP voltimeter

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