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Institute for Frontier Materials


Rough grinding and preparation lab

This is a sample preparation area for metallographic specimens.

Precision cutting machine - Acutom 50

Acutom 50

Precision table top cut-off machine for precise and deformation free cutting of materials.

Make: Struers Acutom 50

  • sample rotation
  • cutting speeds: 300 - 500 rpm
  • cutting feeds 0.005 - 3.00 mm/sec
  • multi programmable methods

Cutting - Minitom


Small table top, low speed precision cut off machine for delicate cutting of all materials.

Make: Struers Minitom

  • low speeds
  • delicate cutting

Cutting - Labatom


Table top cut-off machine for manual cutting of materialographic specimens.

Make: Struers Labatom

  • quick clamping device for easy fixation of irregular shapes

Hot mounting press - Labopress 1

Labopress 1

Semi-automatic mounting press for the hot mounting of all materials.

Make: Struers Labopress 1

  • low energy consuming heating / cooling unit
  • two heating levels

Cold mounting

Cold mounting

A cold mounting area for the mounting of metallographic samples in resin.

Make: Resins and Hardners

  • variety of mould sizes

Grinding - Rotopol 1

Grinding machine for manual preparation of metallographic specimens.

Make: Struers Rotopol 1

  • 150 or 300 rpm speed
  • 240, 600 or 1200 grit grinding papers
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27th February 2015