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Institute for Frontier Materials


Green light for fibres Industrial Transformation Research Hub

A $4.7 million future fibres Research Hub is to be established at Deakin.

High tech nanofibre deal for Deakin

A joint venture will provide a world-first short nanofibre manufacturing capability in Geelong.

Short nanofibre gets a gong

A world first technology platform has received a Victorian Engineering Excellence Award.

Fashionable science for a safer future

Australia Plus feature Dr Hurren's research into the fabric used for motorcyclist clothing.

Process takes textile recycling to new level

A new process to separate blends of cotton-polyester material provides a major breakthrough for recycling textile and other waste.

Our Facilities

The Conditioned Textile Testing Laboratory and Instrument laboratory have a range of advanced equipment/facilities for testing the properties of fibres, yarns and fabrics.

Fibre measurement

  • OFDA2000
    • fibre diameter measurement.
    • 70mm glass slide, large glass slide and staple slide measurement.
    • measures mean fibre diameter, SD and curvature.
    • measures fibre diameter versus length for staple fibres.
    • can measure greasy staple fibres.
  • OFDA4000
    • top length and fibre diameter measurement.
  • Sifan II
    • single fibre tensile testing.
    • natural and synthetic fibres.
    • 15mm - 150mm gauge length.
    • single angle diameter scanning along fibre length.
  • Sifan III
    • single fibre tensile testing.
    • natural and synthetic fibres.
    • 15mm - 150mm gauge length.
    • multiple angle diameter scanning along fibre length.
  • Textechno Fibrestress
    • single fibre bending abrasion measurement.
    • bending abrasion measurement at 90° and 110°
    • tensile fatigue under constant load/unload.
    • 25 fibres per run.
    • variable oscillation rate (0.25 - 2Hz).
    • variable oscillation distance (1-10mm).
  • Agilent universal testing machine (UTM) T150
    • nanomechanical characterization.
  • Tristar 3000 Surface Porosity Analyser
    • short fibre, nanoparticles and powder surface area and size measurement.

Yarn measurement

  • Zweigle G565
    • yarn hairiness tester.
  • Uster tester 4SE
    • yarn evenness tester.
    • measures fine yarns, rovings and sliver.
    • inline hairiness sensor.
  • James Heal and Co. quadrant yarn twist tester
  • Mesdan lab yarn count tester
  • USTER Tensorapid 3
    • yarn tensile tester.

Fabric measurement

  • Textest Air Permeability tester
  • Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester
  • Wool ComfortMeter
    • evaluate the next-to-skin comfort properties of wool knitwear to predict the prickle responses.
  • Wool HandleMeter
    • predict overall handle and the seven primary handle attributes for fine lightweight fabrics.
  • Sweating Guarded Hotplate
    • measurement of thermal and water-vapour resistance


  • Twin screw extrusion
  • Single screw extrusion
  • Hills bicomponent/meltspin extrusion
  • Sigma atmospheric plasma
  • Vacuum plasma

General Measurement

  • Instron30kN tensile tester
    • tensile testing for fibres, yarns, fabrics and composites.
  • Bruker VERTEX 80 FT-IR spectrometer
    • provides high resolution spectra and PEAK spectral resolution of materials.
  • Cary 5000 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
    • measures precisely transmission and specula reflection spectra.
  • Cary 3 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
    • is well-suited to materials testing of both turbid liquid and solid samples.
  • Malvern Mastersizer
    • uses the technique of laser diffraction to measure the size of particles for emulsions, suspensions and dry powders.
    • hydro 2000S dispersion unit.
    • ultrasonic dispersion.
    • particle size from 60 nm - 1000 µm.
  • Malvern Zetasizer
    • measures particle and molecule size from below a nanometer to several microns for nanoparticle, colloid and protein.
  • KSV Contact Angle and Surface Tension Meter
    • measures water contact angle and surface energy on varied materials, i.e. textiles, polymers, paper, film and others.
    • surface contact angle versus time measurement.
    • wetting time measurement.
    • liquid surface tension measurement.
  • DataColor reflection spectrophotometer
    • colour measurement and matching of fibres and fabrics.
  • Ahiba Nuance Dyeing Machine
    • used for dyeing fibres, yarn and fabrics under controllable temperatures and heating rates.
  • Wascator washing machine
    • a standard reference washing machine for evaluating fabric shrinkage/dimensional change.

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27th February 2015