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Green light for fibres Industrial Transformation Research Hub

A $4.7 million future fibres Research Hub is to be established at Deakin.

High tech nanofibre deal for Deakin

A joint venture will provide a world-first short nanofibre manufacturing capability in Geelong.

Short nanofibre gets a gong

A world first technology platform has received a Victorian Engineering Excellence Award.

Fashionable science for a safer future

Australia Plus feature Dr Hurren's research into the fabric used for motorcyclist clothing.

Process takes textile recycling to new level

A new process to separate blends of cotton-polyester material provides a major breakthrough for recycling textile and other waste.

Our People


An image of Professor Xungai Wang Professor Xungai Wang
Director Australian Future Fibres Research & Innovation Centre
Alfred Deakin Professor
An image of Professor Tong Lin Professor Tong Lin
ARC Future Fellow

Associate Professor Joselito Razal
ARC Future Fellow

Senior Research Fellows

An image of Dr Nolene Byrne Dr Nolene Byrne
Senior Research Fellow
An image of Dr Bruce McGregor Dr Bruce McGregor
Senior Research Fellow
An image of Dr Jingliang Li Dr Jingliang Li
Senior Research Fellow
An image of Dr Cynthia Wong Dr Cynthia Wong
Senior Research Fellow

Research Fellows

Name Research Topic Contact
Dr Ben Allardyce
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Silk-based biomaterials
Dr Yong Du
Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Fellow
Functional Fibres
Dr Jian Fang
Research Fellow
Dr Christopher Hurren
Research Fellow
Hemp fibres, biomaterials and functional fabrics
Dr Qing Li
Research Fellow
Property characterisation of fibre/fabric during manufacture and functional textile materials
Dr Zhenyu Li
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Xin Liu
Research Fellow
Natural fibres and textiles
Dr Maryam Naebe
Research Fellow
Comfort properties of next-to-skin wool materials
Dr Haitao Niu
Associate Research Fellow
Dr Chuanxiang Qin
Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Rangam Rajkhowa
Research Fellow
Natural fibre processing and silk-based biomaterials
Dr Lu Sun
Research Fellow
Using functional nanoparticles to prevent wool yellowing
Dr Alessandra Sutti
Research Fellow
Dr Hongxia Wang
Research Fellow
Functional fibres
Dr Jinfeng Wang
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Functional fibrous materials and applications such as UV protection and odour removal
Dr Jing Wang
Research Fellow
Natural fibre separation and applications
Dr Jin Zhang
Research Fellow
Biological composites and protective materials
Dr Yan Zhao
Research Fellow
Functional fibres


Name Research Topic Contact
Zengxiao Cai Three-dimensional fibrous scaffolds with a nano-structural functional surface
Genevieve Crowle Differential dye uptake of Australian cotton fibre
Saeed Dadvar Multifunctional nanofibrous materials with superb characteristics
Chantal Denham Defining and applying the glass transition of cotton
Rasike De Silva Green natural fibre materials: processing, characterisation and applications
Shan Du Functional silk materials: fabrication and applications
Linpeng Fan Self-reinforced three-dimensional silk fibroin nanofibre based scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
Xing Jin Modelling of heat and moisture transfer through silkworm cocoon
Mehdi Kazemimostaghim Silk powder production, characterisation and application
Xueyang Liu Preparation of electrostatic spinning anti-ultraviolet nanofibress
Sepehr Moradi Cashmere and hair
Esfandiar Pakdel Enhancing textile features unsing nanocomposites
Amol Janardan Patil Enhancement of durability of polymer coated textiles
Hao Shao Novel piezoelectric generators from electrospun nanofibres
Muhammad Nadeem Shuakat How nanofibre generators affect properties and productivity of nanofibre yarn
Marinus van der Sluijs The mechanism of nep formation in Australian cotton processing
Yao Yu UV interaction with fibres and fibrous structures
Chao Zeng Novel methods and technologies to obtain water-controlled fabrics
Mingwen Zhang Synthesis of functional nanoparticles to prevent wool yellowing
Hua Zhou Durable, non-wetting fabrics: their preparation and wetting function
Licheng Zhu Novel fabric structures and their properties

Deakin University acknowledges the traditional land owners of present campus sites.

27th February 2015