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Process takes textile recycling to new level

A new process to separate blends of cotton-polyester material provides a major breakthrough for recycling textile and other waste.

A safer ride

Deakin's jeans research strengthens safety below the belt.

A different drum

Dr Rangam Rajkhowa's silky solution to hearing loss.

Caterpillar spins a silky sunscreen

IFM researchers show that compounds in silk cocoons have UV-protecting properties.

Silky skills

Dr Jin Zhang wins Endeavour Fellowship.

Our Research

Green natural fibres

An image of scientists working in the laboratory

The key issues for natural fibres are value adding and long-term sustainability. The group is tackling these challenges by developing more environmentally friendly ways of processing natural fibres, using natural fibres for novel applications and identifying, as well as bio-mimicking, the unique features of natural fibres and fibre structures.

Key research areas are:

  • Water and energy saving technologies for processing natural fibres (eg. wool, cotton, hemp).
  • Biomedical applications of natural fibres (eg. silk fibre, silk powder and silk nanofibres).
  • Bio-mimicking of natural fibre structures (eg. wild silk cocoon) to develop functional materials and light-weight structures.

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23rd January 2014