Materials and Process Modelling

IFM researchers use modelling in a number of different areas:

Molecular modelling and simulation

Our research is all about prediction. We develop and apply advanced computer modelling at the molecular level, based on fundamental principles of chemistry, physics and mathematics, to predict properties and behaviours of anything that is composed of atoms and molecules.

Numerical modelling

Numerical modelling of materials helps in design of materials for lightweight structures, important for the automotive and aerospace sectors. Very fast virtual prototyping can save costs by reducing design and physical testing times.

Advanced computer simulation technology to understand the properties of fluids and model flow and heat transfer problems in engineering applications.

Our Research

Molecular and fluid dynamics

Our research focuses on applying advanced computer simulation technology to design and develop new materials, fundamentally understand the properties of simple and complex fluids, and model flow and heat transfer problems in engineering applications.

Research includes the dynamics behaviour and transport properties of atoms, molecules and ions in organic and inorganic materials to the flow of continuum fluid and discrete particles.

Molecular modelling and simulation

Our key research areas are:

  • Structure property relationships of interfaces between biological matter for applications in areas ranging from medical diagnostics to medical implant technologies and fundamental research on biomineralisation  
  • Prediction of formulation/property and structure relationships associated with high performance carbon fibre composite materials 
  •  Prediction of structures, properties and behaviours of protein systems of interest to the pharmaceutical industry.

Numerical modelling and design of materials for lightweight structures

The group has projects that range from the fundamental (constitutive material modelling) through applied research (understanding tool wear) to more development work (lightweight body design).

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