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Fibre to Fabric Processing and Quality


The Institute has a full range of fibre to fabric testing and pilot scale processing facilities. We undertake research to improve the quality and processing performance of a range of fibres, yarns and fabrics. Our research in this area has been supported by ARC, AWI, and a number of local companies.

Project Examples

Cashmere dehairing and processing

We are exploring new ways of dehairing and processing Australian cashmere, with the aim of reducing water consumption in scouring and improving the quality of dehaired cashmere fibres.

Yarn hairiness reduction

Yarn hairiness is one of most important yet least understood yarn properties. We have been exploring innovative ways to reduce yarn hairiness. Reducing yarn hairiness will improve the efficiency of weaving and knitting, as well as the quality of fabrics.

Fabric pilling control and prediction

We have developed a fibre to fabric database for wool knitwear, and are using the database to predict the pilling propensity of wool knits, using techniques such as artificial neural network. We are also exploring ways to reduce the pilling of a range of fabrics.

Image processing and numerical modelling

We do extensive modelling of fibres, yarn spinning, and fabric appearance, using advanced numerical modelling and image processing techniques.

An irregular wool fibre Air drag in ring spinning Fabric pilling
(An irregular wool fibre) (Air drag in ring spinning) (Fabric pilling)

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19th February 2012