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Non-woven, synthetic fibre scaffolds are being manufactured, and the fibre surfaces activated through treatment with atmospheric pressure plasma, which modifies the top 5 nanometres of the fibre. Work at Barwon Biomedical Research has shown that these fibres support the growth of cells (see Figure). Novel polymer scaffolds are being manufactured from synthetic fibres. Nanofibres, by virtue of their relatively large surface areas, offer considerable opportunities for incorporation in scaffolds for tissue engineering. Electrospinning techniques, using both solvent-based and melt systems, are being researched.

Adhesion of rat fibroblast cells to a synthetic polymer fibre.
Figure. Adhesion of Rat fibroblast cells (nucleus stained blue and cytoplasm stained red) to a synthetic polymer fibre.

Project Examples

A correlation between surface and flexural behavior of atmospheric Helium plasma modified jute/polyester bio-composites - A. A. Kafi

Nano-structured Surface for Functional Fibres/fabrics - H. Wang

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19th February 2012