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Institute for Frontier Materials


Micro and Nano Systems

Membrane structure of nanometer resolution

Micro and Nano Systems research areas


Manipulation of micro and nano scale objects such as molecules for diagnostics and nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery has important biomedical and environmental applications.
The group's breakthroughs include:

  • molecular diagnostics to develop point-of-care diagnostic devices
  • development of novel membranes for desalination
  • a novel tomography technology with a high resolution of 1.38 nm
  • targeted drug delivery systems with micro and nano encapsulations.

Group members (students)

Mr Feng An     Mr Tahir Ghandoori     Mr Zhifeng Yi 
Mr Lijue Chen Ms Yuanyuan Guo Ms Xiaodong She
Mr Ronghua Chen Mr Chengpeng Li Mr Xiangping Sun
Ms Weiwei Cong Mr Yongzheng Li Mr Guang Wang
Ms Xiaowei Dong Ms Yanan Lv Mr Jin Wang
Ms Chunfang Feng Mr Youhai Qiu Mr Xinchu Zhao

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27th February 2015