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The use of new advanced high strength steels (AHSS) is increasing in the automotive industry due to the requirements for lighter weight vehicles with increased safety performance. Transformation Induced Plasticity (TRIP) steel is one type of AHSS. This type of steel gains strength through a phase transformation during straining (forming). Modelling this material behaviour accurately involves simulating both the micro and macro scale events.

Micrograph mesh

The StGermain is a software project in Computational Software Development (CSD) group of VPAC. It provides infrastructure to create collaborative computational development environments. An example of such environment is Underworld which is collaboration between Monash and VPAC. StGermain and its sub-projects such as Underworld provide a hybrid Finite Element (FE) and Particle in Cell (PIC) method that can be used for proposed macro and micro scale modellings involved in this project.

Periodic microstructure

Xanthus is a collaborative project between Deakin and VPAC which has been started to provide a code that will simulate plasticity and microstructure behaviour. The aim of the project is first to enhance the codes with appropriate plug-ins to handle solid mechanical modelling problems in macro scale. Then new material models will be developed for TRIP steel to take into account the phase transformation in micro scale. Using parallel processing capabilities of StGermain, a multi-scale modelling framework will be developed to simulate tensile tests of TRIP steel sheets in two different scales.

Project Examples

Multiscale Modelling by PIC - A. Asgari

Multi-scale Problems in Microstructures of Metals - C. Yang

Simulation of Recrystallization through Cellular Automata - N. Yazdipour and P. Hodgson

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19th February 2012