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The Nanomaterials group at the Institute for Frontier Materials focuses on nanomaterial research and works in conjunction with the other groups in the centre.

Nanomaterials can be grouped under nanoparticles, nano-intermediates (nano-films, nano-membrane, etc.), and nanocomposites. They include nanocrystalline materials such as ceramic, metal and metal oxide nanoparticles; fullerenes, nanotubes and related structures; nanofibers and wires; nano-films, nano-membranes; and hybrid organic-inorganic nanoarchitechtures.

The Nanomaterials group offers research, development, training and consultancy services in the field of nanomaterials.

Group members


  • Rajneesh Chaudhary
  • Rongliang He
  • Ehsan Jazarei
  • Bingshan Li
  • Kiran Annaso Patil
  • Gayathri Devi Rajmohan
  • Jinfeng Wang
  • Liyuan Zhang

Associated group members

Research collaborators

  • Australian Synchrotron
  • Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Deakin University
  • Centre for Green Chemistry, Monash University
  • Faculty of Science, Macquarie University
  • Indian Institute for Chemical Technology
  • Australian Pulp and Paper Institute, Monash University
  • Nanosafe Australia, RMIT
  • Tuffs University, U.S.A.
  • Physics and Advanced Materials, University of Technology Sydney
  • Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics, The University of Western Australia

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10th December 2013