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Natural and Manufactured Fibres


Australia is known for the production of high quality natural fibres, particularly animal fibres such as wool. The natural fibre industry is a multi-billion dollar industry in Australia. Deakin research covers a wide range of natural and manufactured fibres and their blends, with support from ARC, AWI, RIRDC, and local industries such as Basell Australia.

Different fibres

Project Examples

New blends of wool and synthetic fibres

In collaboration with Wuhan University of Science and Engineering and Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology, we have converted wool fibres into very fine powders and then incorporated the fine powders into synthetic polymers via a melt extrusion process. The new hybrid fibres have enhanced properties.

Electrospun nanofibres

We are the leading group in research into electrospun nanofibres, particularly bi-component nanofibres. Nanofibre materials are used in areas such as advanced filtration, protective clothing, and scaffolding for tissue engineering.

Some key papers:

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  • Afrin T, Tsuzuki T, Wang X. (2011) "UV absorption properties of bamboo", Journal of the Textile Institute, accepted on 9 February 2011

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