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Roll forming


Roll forming is an important metal forming technology in Australia. The demands for shorter lead times, more complex shapes, new high strength materials and more demanding markets such as the automotive industry, require an improved understanding of the forming process and the increased application of virtual engineering at the design stage.

The main focus of Deakin's Roll Forming Research group are:
  • Roll forming and flexible roll forming of Ultra High Strength Steels (UHSS) and light weight sheet materials for structural and crash applications in automotive and aerospace
  • To understand key process and material parameters and to develop inline process control and shape compensation routines
  • Development of new testing routines and material models to improve model accuracy in the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of roll forming process


FEA model for the roll forming of a V section - MSC Marc

Effect of Residual Stress on Forming Defects in Roll Forming (PhD Project) (135 KB)

Frontal view of the roll forming of a V-section

Strategy for Cold Roll Forming of Titanium Material (PhD Project) (118 KB)

Flower design and experimental edge strain measurement for the roll forming of a V section

Improvement of the roll forming process by means of the process parameter monitoring (PhD Project) (72 KB)

FEA model for the flexible roll forming process - Abaqus

Form limit of the advance high strength steel material in flexible roll forming (PhD Project) (69 KB)

Design drawing of roll former for the heat assisted roll forming of small scale sections  Section drawing of part for the heat assisted roll forming of small scale sections

Heat Assisted Roll Forming of Magnesium Sheet (PhD Project) (64 KB)

V section roll formed from cryo rolled aluminium

The formation of novel structures from ultra-high strength and nano-structured sheet metals through Roll Forming (PhD Project) (61 KB)

Cyclic moment curvature diagram

The effect of microstructure on the kinematic hardening of DP780 steel in bending and re-bending (Masters Project) (92 KB)

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14th March 2013