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Sheet metal stamping is the main manufacturing method used to produce chassis and body components in the automotive industry. It is also used for many other applications, including domestic appliances, building and construction and aerospace industries. Therefore stamping is an important process for the Australian and International manufacturing industry. In the automotive industry, the demands for shorter lead times, higher strength sheet materials, reduced lubrication in the press shop and the increased use of manufacturing process simulation for virtual engineering, has led to research in many areas.

The main focus of Deakin's Stamping Research group are:
  • The understanding, prediction and alleviation of tool wear using:
    • advanced numerical tools and analytical methods to better understanding the contact, sliding, deformation and temperature conditions that are critical to the wear process
    • detailed experimental characterisation and analysis of tool wear mechanisms and tool life under laboratory and industrial conditions
  • Formability, springback and robustness stamping prediction for Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS)


Numerical model of the stamping of a channel section-Abaqus

Tool wear analysis for sheet metal stamping tools (83 KB)

Optical image showing wear after pin-on disk testing

The effects of temperature and speed on the wear of tool steel (PhD Project) (67 KB)

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14th March 2013