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Adverse Incidents

Under Sections 2.4.18(ix), 2.4.34, and 3.1.24, the Australian code of practice for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes 8th edition (2013) the principal investigator is required to promptly notify the Deakin University Animal Ethics Committee of any unexpected animal deaths or adverse or unforeseen circumstances that may impact on an animal’s wellbeing

What is an unexpected adverse event?

Unexpected adverse event: an event that may have a negative impact on the wellbeing of animals and was not foreshadowed in the approved project or activity.

An unexpected adverse event may result from different causes, including but not limited to:

  • death of an animal**, or group of animals, that was not expected (e.g. during surgery or anaesthesia, or after a procedure or treatment)
  • adverse effects following a procedure or treatment that were not expected
  • adverse effects in a larger number of animals than predicted during the planning of the project or activity, based on the number of animals actually used, not the number approved for the study
  • a greater level of pain or distress than was predicted during the planning of the project or activity
  • power failures, inclement weather, emergency situations or other factors external to the project or activity that have a negative impact on the welfare of the animals.

**Unexpected animal deaths: When an animal dies unexpectedly, or is humanely killed due to unforeseen complications, a necropsy should be performed by a competent person (section 3.1.25)

Reporting requirements:

  1. Contact the Animal Welfare Officer/Animal House Manager promptly
    • AWO: Nick Branson (ph: 522 72726)
    • Animal House Manager: Adrian Cooper (ph: 522 72064)
    • Animal House Manager: Rod Collins (ph: 522 73063)

  2. Complete an Adverse Incident Report and send it to the AEC Office

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8th August 2013