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Application approval process

The AEC is responsibly for approving, advising, monitoring the use and supply of animals in research or teaching at Deakin University. The AEC assesses an application by applying set of principles that govern the ethical code of conduct for the use of animals in research or teaching to ensure that the use of animals is justified, the welfare of the animals are provided for, and the principles of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement (the Three R's) have been incorporated into the purpose and design of the project.

The AEC has the option of one of four levels of response to applications:

  1. Project approved without modification
  2. Project approved with conditions
  3. Project approved with modifications (clarifications):
    • Minor modifications - approved by the Executive Committee*
    • Major modifications - must be resubmitted and reviewed at a full AEC Meeting
  4. Project not approved (resubmission may be requested)

*Executive Committee: The Executive Committee consists of four members of the AEC who can make decisions on minor modifications to approved projects between full AEC meetings.

Researchers will be informed via email of the AEC decision within one week of an AEC meeting.

IMPORTANT: Investigators and students must not begin any scientific or teaching activities involving the use of animals before receipt of a formal approval notice from the AEC Officer.

Animal Ethics Committee Terms of Reference

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8th August 2013