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Animal Ethics Forms and guidelines

Animal ethics information, procedures and application proforma are under review.

This website should be checked for updates/revisions.

AEC Terms of Reference :: Guide for New Staff & Researchers to animal ethics at DU :: Legislation and Codes :: Forms :: Standard Operating Procedures

anchor AEC Terms of Reference
(.docx - 26KB)
AEC Terms of Reference  
Last updated 2014-07-03
anchor Guide for New Staff & Researchers to animal ethics at DU
(.docx - 76KB)
AEC Application Guidelines   [restricted access]
Last updated 2014-10-20
(.pdf - 94KB)
ARRIVE Guidelines for AEC Applications  
Last updated 2013-10-11
(.docx - 16KB)
BAW Classification of impact on animals  
Last updated 2014-07-03
anchor Legislation and Codes
Victorian Legislation
(.pdf - 936KB)
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986  
Last updated 2012-12-06
(.pdf - 848KB)
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Regulations 2008  
Last updated 2013-04-16
Codes of Practice
Researchers should be familiar with this Code
NHMRC Guidelines
anchor Forms
(.pdf - 2MB)
New AEC Application form  
Last updated 2014-11-03
(.pdf - 3MB)
AEC Request for Approval of Minor Change to Protocol  
Last updated 2012-06-13
Use Requirements: You must use Adobe Reader 8 (or higher) or Adobe Acrobat
(.doc - 139KB)
Notification to work on an External Project  
Last updated 2013-08-28
(.doc - 47KB)
Adverse Incident Report  
Last updated 2013-08-12
(.docx - 57KB)
AEC Annual Report Form  
Last updated 2014-12-08
(.doc - 126KB)
AEC Final Report Form  
Last updated 2014-12-08
AEC Training Material & Register Form
Animal Enquiry and Requests
(.doc - 115KB)
Animal Services Project Enquiry Form   [restricted access]
Last updated 2012-06-14
(.doc - 99KB)
Animal Services Order and Space Request Form   [restricted access]
Last updated 2013-08-14
Monitoring Sheets
(.doc - 80KB)
Animal Welfare Monitoring Template  
Last updated 2014-06-26
(.rtf - 101KB)
Surgery Monitoring Template  
Last updated 2012-03-13
(.doc - 172KB)
Tumour Monitoring Sheets   [restricted access]
Last updated 2014-06-27
anchor Standard Operating Procedures
Please go the following webpage to view SOPs

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