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Deakin Research

Responsibilities of Researchers and Students

All researchers and students should read and be familiar with Section 2.4 of the Code – Responsibilities of Investigators.

The responsibilities of all persons using animals for research or teaching include (but not exclusive):

  • respect for animals must underpin all decisions and actions involving the care and use of animals for scientific purposes
  • direct and ultimate responsibility for all maters relating to the wellbeing of animals that they use
  • must be familiar and work in accordance with the Code of Practice and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (POCTA)
  • must seek AEC approval before commencing a project
  • only conduct procedures involving the use of animals approved by the AEC, in accordance with any conditions and requirements
  • only use authorised facilities by the AEC
  • inform the AEC of other scientific and teaching institutions participating in the project (External Notification Project)
  • maintain detailed records of the use of experimental animals (Guidelines to Record keeping (143KB))
  • inform the AEC of any adverse incidents which may impinge on animal welfare
  • ensure that procedures using animals are performed comptently (Training Courses)
  • report to the AEC as required

Furthermore once a project has been APPROVED, the Principle investigator must meet the following requirements:

  1. Modifying an approved project
  2. Annual or Final Report
  3. Monitoring sheets
  4. Adverse Incident

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13th August 2013