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Biosafety and Biosecurity

This website provides information on safety aspects and legislation governing the use of microorganisms and biological materials (for example, human blood).

The Laboratory and Biosafety Committee (LBC) is responsible for ensuring that the use of microorganisms and biological materials complies with the relevant legislation. The LBC also provides support and advice on all aspects of biosafety and biosecurity and is responsible for monitoring the safety of laboratory work in research and teaching at Deakin University.

The LBC reviews projects requiring biosafety clearance to ensure compliance with the various legislative bodies and the requirements for laboratory safety. Where required, the LBC will forward these submissions to external legislative organisations for their approval.

Prior to commencing work involving microorganisms or biological materials, submit a Work Safety Assessment to your work supervisor and then the Area Manager (this could be the Laboratory Manager, local Biosafety Officer or equivalent) for approval and sign-off.

All new to Deakin researchers should review the Deakin Biosafety Guidelines and attend Biosafety Induction Training (combined PC1/PC2).

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17th December 2013