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Import Permit

An Import Permit is required for the importation and use of certain biological materials and animals. The Import Permit may or may not impose post-entry quarantine requirements on the items imported.

There may be restrictions on where the biological materials or animals can be handled or kept. Some animals and materials can only be worked with or housed in Quarantine Approved Premises (QAPs). The Import Permit will specify the conditions of use.

There may be restrictions on the transport (import, export or transfer) of quarantine materials.

Application process

  1. Before you start, discuss your plans to import biological materials or animals with your supervisor and Laboratory Manager (or equivalent). The Laboratory Manager may already have an Import Permit suitable for your requirements.
  2. If you intend to import animals you will need AEC approval before you apply for an Import Permit. Imported animals (this includes fish) must undergo Post Arrival Quarantine in specific approved premises prior to their release for research purposes (contact Animal Services for more information).
  3. If you intend to import Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) you will need LBC approval before you apply for an Import Permit.
  4. Check the Import Conditions Database (ICON). ICON can be used to determine if a commodity intended for import to Australia needs a quarantine permit and/or treatment or if there are any other quarantine prerequisites
  5. In consultation with your supervisor and Laboratory Manager, apply for an Import Permit in accordance with School procedures. Detailed information is available on the Department of Agriculture (DA) website including:
  6. When the Import Permit is issued, ensure that
    • the description of goods on the import permit matches the goods you plan to import (report any discrepancies to DA immediately)
    • you can comply with all the conditions specified in the import permit.
  7. If the Import Permit stipulates that the work is to be done, or animals are to be held, in a Quarantine Approved Premises (QC1, 2, 3 or 4)
    • contact your Laboratory Manager (or the Biosafety & Biosecurity Office) and determine if an existing QAP is suitable and available
    • provide DA with the Approval Number (Vxxx) of the QAP you intend to use
    • the Laboratory Manager will provide the Biosafety & Biosecurity Office with a copy of the Import Permit before work in the QAP commences.

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19th August 2014