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References and resources

Relevant Australian Standards

  • AS 2243 series: Safety in laboratories, Parts 1-10
    • Part 1: Planning and Operational Aspects
    • Part 2: Chemical aspects
    • Part 3: Microbiology
    • Part 4: Ionizing radiations
    • Part 5: Non-ionizing radiations
    • Part 6: Mechanical aspects
    • Part 7: Electrical aspects
    • Part 8: Fume Cupboards
    • Part 9: Recirculating Fume Cupboards
    • Part 10: Storage of Chemicals
  • AS 2252.4 Controlled environments Part 4: Biological safety cabinets Classes I and II Installation and use (BS 5726:2005, MOD)
  • AS 2252.1: Biological safety cabinets (Class I) for personal and environmental protection
  • AS 2252.2: Biological safety cabinets (Class II) for personal, environments, and product protection
  • AS 2567 Laminar flow cytotoxic drug safety cabinets
  • AS 2639 Laminar flow cytotoxic drug safety cabinets - installation and use
  • AS 1410 Sterilizers - Steam Pre-vacuum
  • AS 2192 Sterilizers - Steam - Downward-displacement
  • AS 4934 Packaging for surface transport of biological material that may cause disease in humans, animals, and plants
  • AS 2982 Laboratory design and construction - general requirements

The above standards can be found using Australian Standards Online.

Australian Standards Online gives access to the complete collection of current Australian Standards, Draft Standards, and handbooks (excluding handbooks with joint copyright).

Instructions for accessing Deakin University Library Australian Standards Online are available on request. Please contact the library for information.

Further Biosafety references and resources

Chemical references and resources

For general chemical safety information, use the Chemwatch link on the Occupational Health and Safety Subject Guide to find Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Video Resource

The video "Working safely in a Class II Biological Safety Cabinet" (17.30 mins) provides information on how to use a Class II Biological Safety Cabinet correctly to prevent cross-contamination of work and infection of operators. To view the video, which is available on Cloud Deakin, follow the instructions on the Biosafety Induction and Training website.


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