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Research integrity

Management of research data at Deakin University

Retention, storage and management of data are essential to the responsible conduct of research.

There are national and Deakin guidelines for the management of research data during and after the life of the project. These include

  • Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (The Code), section 2.
  • Research Conduct Policy, 14-28

The Code, and recent government initiatives such as the Australian National Data Service (ANDS), provide national infrastructure and support for researchers to share the benefits of their research.

For data which have long term value, appropriate storage and management must be arranged, including conditions of access (if any) for future researchers. One option is to lodge a description of the data, including location and access conditions, with Deakin Research Online (DRO) using this form.

The Code provides clear information to researchers about their responsibilities for the short and long term management of research data and records. Heads of School or Directors of Institute also have responsibilities for data storage under the Research Conduct Policy at Deakin.

Information on storage requirements for identifiable data about people is also available in the Deakin human research ethics manual.

Sharing research data increases the visibility, accessibility and impact of Deakin University research.

Consider the following:

Almost all data are now born digital The ability to process, transform and transfer information through sharing data in many cases is becoming as easy as publishing research results. 
There is support from the Federal government and research funders Australian Universities are being encouraged to store and manage data in a format that is accessible to other researchers
Describing data collections creates a pathway for access This makes it easier for potential research partners to evaluate the quality of research projects at the University and facilitates contacts and potential partnership arrangements. Describing data collections in a repository publicises your work and enables it to be discovered using web search engines. Deakin Research Online ensures that your data are included in the Australian Research Data Commons through harvesting by Research Data Australia.
Sharing research data supports the University Strategic Plan It commits researchers at the University to ensuring that Deakin is known as a University whose research and research training has important social benefits and regional, national and international relevance. This increases the potential for future partnerships to be formed.
Sharing data expedites the translation of research results into knowledge The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) believe that "data sharing is essential for expedited translation of research results into knowledge, products, and procedures to improve human health. "

The University's commitment to the creation, management and maintenance of quality research data is reflected in the 2011 Strategic Plan, where we have a stated goal:

"To improve Deakin’s research performance so that it is in the top third of the Australian higher education sector by building a critical mass of researchers who will develop a distinctive portfolio of high quality discovery, applied and commercial research." (Strategic Plan 2.10)

See also the Library Website for the Managing Data Toolkit.

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8th February 2013