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Contamination monitoring and decontamination procedures

Where unsealed radioactive materials are used there is a probability of some form of contamination occurring. Attempts are made to limit contamination by maintaining designated radiation workspaces (marked benches or designated fume cupboards) and by regular contamination monitoring in order to prevent potential harm to personnel.

Contamination monitoring can be performed as appropriate using hand-held contamination monitors (Geiger-Muller pancake detector, eg. RAMGENE monitor) or using a wipe-test in association with a liquid scintillation counter, or a combination of both as appropriate to the isotope in use. Radiation contamination monitors should be serviced and calibrated periodically as required.

Where areas are found to be contaminated, appropriate decontamination techniques must be employed, followed by further monitoring and decontamination as required until the area is deemed free of contamination. Details of contamination monitoring and decontamination procedures must be included in the WSA.

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12th June 2012