Which Commercial Manager is the right one for me?

Automotive, ICT, Mining, Transport, Manufacturing

Dr Jay Czarnecki

Dr Jay Czarnecki
Senior Commercial Manager

T: 522 72373
M: 0400 936 490

“At Deakin we apply an impressive portfolio of researcher expertise and technological infrastructure to a broad range of industrial challenges. Whether you are looking at ways to reduce cost, improve efficiency or develop entirely new processes or products, we have a solution to fit or will work with you to find one. We are keen to talk with you and explore how we can help.”

Jay brings to the team some 25 years’ experience connecting industry and researchers across a variety of sectors to produce real impact in industrial environments. He has a reputation for creating commercial outcomes and value in enterprises including multi-national corporations, SME biotech’s, research institutes including CSIRO and now Deakin.

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, primary industries, environment, water
Dr Greg Pullen

Dr Greg Pullen
Senior Commercial Manager

T: 522 72969
M: 0408 200 885

“I am excited to be part of the Deakin Research Commercial team at a time when the life and environmental sciences are thriving and there are so many opportunities for our industry and government partners to benefit. Whether it’s about taking technology to commercial markets - developing evidence based policy for the public sector - or solving whatever specific problem you might be facing - I look forward to talking to you about how we can help.”

Greg has extensive experience building research collaborations and commercialisation in the biomedical, medical devices and diagnostics sectors. His experience spans both Australian and International Universities as well as several biotechnology companies. Greg is multi-lingual in that he speaks fluent ‘research’ and ‘industry’- the ideal broker to help you turn our research to your profit.

Regional Development, Banking and Insurance, Local Government, Education and Defence
Mr Marcus Bolger

Mr Marcus Bolger
Senior Commercial Manager

T: 925 17195
M: 0408 599 794
F: 924 46581

“As a regional University we are thoroughly committed to regional development. For me this means excellent research applied to real world problems and making a real difference in economic, social and environmental terms. Deakin’s point of difference is that our social, business and law professionals and physical scientists work in cross-disciplinary teams to ensure you get the ‘whole’ solution that you need.

So whether you’re developing a business case for Government funding that requires complex demographics, or need an economic evaluation of the environmental impacts of a new project, we have the team for you.”

Marcus brings a wealth of experience in brokering long-term partnerships between industry and the University. As both an MBA and a registered patent attorney, he is impeccably qualified to ensure that all of the business details of your project are properly scoped, and your objectives understood and met.


Ms Veena Vather

Ms Veena Vather
Commercial Manager

T: 522 71230
M: 0407 213 209
F: 522 72281

“Deakin has a world leading group of health professionals pushing the frontier of major population health challenges such as metabolic diseases including type 2 diabetes and childhood obesity, and mental health. As a major provider of health related and health economic research to industry, commonwealth and state governments, Deakin Research is developing state of the art health interventions that address health, food, nutrition, human performance, and lifestyle issues in an economically efficient way. Deakin health solutions are currently being adapted and adopted for implementation on three continents. We also appreciate the importance of the non-government sector in improving the health of our community. We work in close partnership with NGOs to ensure that we bring their considerable skill base to our work teams.”

Veena has an allied health background and an Executive MBA. She understands the challenges facing the health sector in both the developed and developing world, through her extensive experience both in Australia and internationally.

Mr David Pardoe

Mr David Pardoe
Senior Commercial Manager

T: +61 3 522 73301
M: 0429 537 827
F: +61 3 522 72281

“Deakin is your one stop shop for research and development focussed on all aspects of fibre manufacturing, including carbon fibre development. Whether your need is for new high performance fabrics for recreational and sports clothing, or enhancing the qualities of traditional fibres such as wool and cotton, Deakin should be your first call. Our people, infrastructure and research students are world class - unparalleled in the southern hemisphere. Call me to see how we can help your business”

David Pardoe is a ‘died in the wool’ fibre man. He has extensive experience in the fibre and textile industry development from his work at CSIRO, The Woolmark Company, Australian Wool Innovation, and with the Victorian Government. David has worked extensively throughout South East Asia which included two years in Vietnam.

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30th July 2012