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Professor Maxine Duke

Prof Maxine Duke
Head of School of Nursing and Midwifery

Director's Office

Professor Alison Hutchinson 

Prof Alison Hutchinson
Deputy Director
Chair in Nursing (Monash Health) 

an image of Ms Elizabeth Stewart  Ms Elizabeth Stewart
Research Manager
an image of Mr Andrew Rodsted  Mr Andrew Rodsted
Research Officer


Professor Julie Considine Prof Julie Considine
Chair in Nursing (Eastern Health)
Prof Tracey Bucknall Prof Tracey Bucknall
Associate Head Of School (Research)
Chair in Nursing (Alfred Health)
an image of Professor Trish Livingston Prof Trish Livingston
Associate Dean (Research)
Dr Elizabeth Manias Prof Elizabeth Manias
Research Professor
Prof Mari Botti Prof Mari Botti
Chair in Nursing (Epworth Health)
Professor Trisha Dunning Prof Trisha Dunning
Chair in Nursing (Barwon Health)
Associate Professor Paul Bennett Prof Paul Bennett
Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Associate Professor Andrea Driscoll A/Prof Andrea Driscoll
Associate Professor
Dr Judy Currey A/Prof Judy Currey
Associate Professor in Nursing
Dr Bodil Rasmussen A/Prof Bodil Rasmussen
Associate Professor
an image of Associate Professor Ana Hutchinson A/Prof Ana Hutchinson
Associate Professor of Nursing (Northern Health)
Associate Professor Bernice Redley A/Prof Bernice Redley
Associate Professor of Nursing (Epworth Healthcare)
Associate Professor Catherine Nagle A/Prof Catherine Nagle
Associate Professor
Associate Professor Goetz Ottmann A/Prof Goetz Ottmann
Associate Professor of Nursing (UCCO)
Associate Professor Nikki Phillips A/Prof Nikki Phillips
Associate Professor
Associate Professor Natisha Sands A/Prof Natisha Sands
Associate Professor
Associate Professor Tim Crowe A/Prof Tim Crowe
Associate Professor
Dr Helen Rawson Dr Helen Rawson
Research Fellow
Dr John Rolley Dr John Rolley
Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Joan Ostaszkiewicz Dr Joan Ostaszkiewicz
Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr Lauren Mc Tier Dr Lauren Mc Tier
Senior Lecturer in Nursing
an image of Dr Leah East Dr Leah East
Senior Lecturer in Nursing
an image of Dr Lisa Kuhn Dr Lisa Kuhn
Research Fellow
Dr Maryann Street Dr Maryann Street
Research Fellow
an image of Dr Mariann Fossum Dr Mariann Fossum
Research Fellow

Affiliate members

Name Area Contact
Prof David Ashley
Chair in Medicine
Barwon Health david.ashley@deakin.edu.au
Dr Melissa Bloomer
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Monash University melissa.bloomer@monash.edu
A/Prof Peter Martin
Regional Director of Palliative Care

Barwon Health

Dr Mohammadreza Mohebbi
Senior Research Fellow - Biostatistics
PVC's Office - Health
Deakin University
Dr Melissa Weinberg
Research Fellow
School of Psychology
Deakin University
Dr Rhonda Brown
Senior Lecturer
School of Nursing and Midwifery
Deakin University


Name Contact
Ms Chen Lin cenl@deakin.edu.au
Ms Cynthia Wensley cwensley@deakin.edu.au
Mr Elijah Marangu emarangu@deakin.edu.au
Mrs Elizabeth Oldland eoldlan@deakin.edu.au
Miss Emily Cull ejcull@deakin.edu.au
Ms Jacqueline Allen jhallen@deakin.edu.au
Miss Jessica Guinane jguinane@deakin.edu.au
Miss Jintana Damkliang jdamklia@deakin.edu.au
Ms Joanne McDonall jmcdon@deakin.edu.au
Miss Julia Morphet jmorphet@deakin.edu.au
Ms Kantaporn Yodchai kyodchai@deakin.edu.au
Ms Kinga Pemo kpemo@deakin.edu.au
Ms Lenore Beddoes lmbed@deakin.edu.au
Ms Lisa-Jane Moody lmoo@deakin.edu.au
Ms Nantanit Sutthiruk nsutthir@deakin.edu.au
Ms Ngoc Bich Van Nguyen nbn@deakin.edu.au
Mrs Prabha Shrestha pshres@deakin.edu.au
Mrs Renee Fiolet rlfiolet@deakin.edu.au
Mr Rinchen Pelzang rpelzang@deakin.edu.au
Mrs Shu Wen Chen schew@deakin.edu.au
Ms Siti Zubaidah Mordiffi smordiff@deakin.edu.au
Ms Sonja Rickie Cleary srcl@deakin.edu.au
Ms Susan Hunter sehunter@deakin.edu.au
Ms Tasneem Islam tislam@deakin.edu.au
Ms Vanessa Brotto vsbrotto@deakin.edu.au
Ms Vanessa Watkins vwatkins@deakin.edu.au
Ms Yen Yang yenyang@deakin.edu.au
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