African mango no wonder cure

18 January 2012

Super diets, including dark chocolate, are better than superfoods, Associate Professor Tim Crowe tells the Sydney Morning Herald.

African mango extract has a high price tag, but offers the same amount of nutrients as regular - and cheaper - fruits and vegetables, Deakin University's Associate Professor Tim Crowe has told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"If they were really that good, people like myself would be recommending them for everybody," he said.

Associate Professor Crowe recommended "super diets", rather than "superfoods", where taking a combination of foods such as yoghurt, lean meat, fish, cruciferous vegetables, nuts and seeds, oats, soy, tea, tomatoes and dark chocolate allows you to "cover all of your bases".

"The advice is always the same, eating healthy and being active accounts for about 90 per cent of all of our health problems. Everything else around that are very small differences."

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